Quick Links: Noteworthy Birthdays

The last week or so has been filled with the easiest of re-tweets: birthdays of long-dead, but very famous, artists and writers.  The fun part about celebrating occasions like this is that it means that the internet floods with remembrances of their work--the usually combative 140-character streams of tweets fill with pictures of brightly-colored paintings and sculptures, extraordinarily poetic personal letters are excerpted, and personal biographies are revisited through compelling new frames of reference.  Especially for Shakespeare, the selections below are just some of my favorites from the past few days.

April 20: Odilon Redon, French Symbolist painter - 175th birthday.

April 21: Charlotte Brontë, Romantic novelist - 199th birthday.

April 23: J.M.W. Turner, British Romantic painter  - 240th birthday.

April 23: William Shakespeare, Master of the Universe - 451st birthday.